• "A coach is someone that tells you what you don't want to hear,

    who has you see what you don't want to see,

    so that you can be who you have always known you could be."

    Tom Landry

  • HI! I'm Anna-Riikka

    and I want to serve you...

    I work with people like you to get you to wake up to a world of possibilities, dream big and to back it up with meaningful action to create results.


    With coaching, and what I have learnt, I have been able to craft the life I want, to experience happiness and fulfilment, to reach new levels of my creative potential and to tap into the wisdom within me. Of course, it is not always like this and fear still accompanies me – nor has it always been like this. I graduated from the University with a major in linguistics, I worked in a non-profit student organisation, later in the corporate world as a project manager and I have taught languages and arts at schools. It was difficult to believe that a coaching career will work out against all the odds.


    My dream is to live a fully creative and meaningful life as a freelance coach. I have been coaching since 2012 first as a part time coach besides my daily job and later as a full time life coach and entrepreneur. What inspires me is that I can provide people with a safe and at the same time challenging space to grow and to be themselves in a fun, light and powerful way. I believe we are here to become better versions of ourselves, more aware and connected, and our task is to figure out how to be more of that.


    Besides coaching I am crazy about dance and yoga, reading and adventures. I listen to music from dance hall reggae to metal and I love to do a long-distance hike at least once a year.




    One-to-one Personal Development



    Individual coaching processes are in-depth and personalised 10-time coaching processes for anyone in the cross-roads of choosing to follow the same old or to create new things in their professional and/or personal lives. If you could be the woman or a man of your dreams, who would you be?

    You will find more clarity, re-ignite with your passion and purpose, see possibilities, dream big and back it up with meaningful action to create results and not just the idea of a happy relationship, successful career, meaningful job or healthier daily routines. I will support and challenge you to reach new lengths and to be the powerful person that you are.


    International Coaching Certification courses


    Coaching trainings are designed for anyone who is interested in using coaching in their private or work life, not only for people who wish to become professional coaches.

    The courses are ideal for people working in leadership positions, with teams, in sales, in education, etc. In general, for people who are looking for some kind of change in their own lives but also around them, and want to be certified. It is a truly valuable training experience, which will give you the chance to use all the coaching tools and techniques with yourself and others.



    Intimate Group Coaching Experiences


    Coaching retreats are intimate spaces for personal growth in a group of congenial and like-minded people. You will be able to learn more about yourself and to connect to yourself and others in a more meaningful way. These are conversations that really matter.


    This is what some of my past clients have to say about my services.

    I had a pleasure to be coached by Anna-Riikka for a couple of months from late 2016 to early 2017. Anna-Riikka was the most natural, genuine and professional coach that I have met. She was very attentive to my needs and it truly felt like she was putting a lot of effort in designing our sessions to help me to move forward. Working with Anna-Riikka was easy and natural, besides which I felt comfortable sharing things with her in confidence. During these couple of months Anna-Riikka helped me to see things from a new perspective, to re-evaluate my values and to bring clarity to my mind. She definitely had the right, and meaningful, questions to help me to go forward!

    Sofia, Finland

    I had the pleasure to have Anna-Riikka as my coach for a couple of months in the spring of 2015. She was my first coach and introduced me to a whole new level of discussion with myself. Back then I was at the end of graduate school, with quite low self esteem and doubtful about what to do with my life. Anna-Riikka was not only a good listener and made me feel comfortable to open up, but she genuinely looked at me as if everything I was talking about was marvellous. She made me appreciate my life again, gave me inner strength and helped me bring clarify to what are my core values. We worked together towards an objective that I reached thanks to her straight-to-the-point and daring questions. Thank you, Anna-Riikka!

    Giulia, Italy

    Working with Anna-Riikka was easy-going, inspiring and reassuring. Coaching creates a powerful setting were the individual’s aspirations and dreams are identified and encouraged to be pursued. With Anna-Riikka it was easy to discuss these topics and ideas as she would encourage me to identify and crystallize my career goals and to aim higher than I might have dared myself. Anna-Riikka is an inspiring, supporting coach who is passionate about her work and she has a unique ability to connect with her clients. Working with her helped me to build self-awareness and assurance on my career path and the choices I make. Anna-Riikka can build trust in one's own abilities, as well as encourage to look at the questions at hand from different angles. In the every-day life we are often too busy to stop and think the true aspirations and goals we have for our lives - with Anna-Riikka every coaching session was eye-opening and a greatly positive experience in this regard.

    Saija, Finland

    Knowing that I am a big fan of Steve Job, Anna-Riikka asked in one of our sessions, “What advice would Steve Jobs give you for your challenges?” This question made me see things in a different perspective as I discover that I had answers for my problems within me, funny enough next minute I was giving myself advice like jobs would give me. With such eye opening questions, coaching frameworks, tools, empathy and bubbly nature, Anna-Riikka was able to unlock my potential in the last few months. I grew as a person, found my balance in Health, Finances, right people, work and new experiences, I realised how all of these are connected for truly being happy. I would recommend coaching with Anna-Riikka if you want to challenge yourself and thrive to new levels or simply know yourself better.


    Emmanuel, India

    Anna-Riikka is wonderful! She really understood my situation and carefully asked well crafted questions at the right time. Answering was like a A-HA moment and seeing the world in a much clearer way. Powerful! She inspires and delivers! I’ve hired her twice and I look forward to do it again with a new challenge.


    Adler, Germany

    In Autumn 2016, I decided to try out a series of coaching sessions with Anna-Riikka without any clear goal in mind. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree and having gained a few years of work experience, I liked the idea of “analyzing” my life situation with the help from an external and to set new targets for my personal and professional growth. Several months and coaching hours later, I’m simply amazed how much Anna-Riikka has contributed to finding clarity on what I want to achieve during this year, and how I can get there. With her positive energy and the ability to ask the right, challenging questions she manages to open up an entire new world of thoughts, feeling and ideas every time we meet. After every coaching session, I feel focused and ready to act. The best thing about coaching with Anna-Riikka? Insightful conversations are followed up with feasible tasks and you start to gain actual results!

    Silke, Germany

  • "Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."


    Timothy Gallwey


    The consultation can be done both in Skype and in person.
    The session lasts 30 minutes during which you can see
    if it is something for you.

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